Taarof Culture

Saman Khodaparast

07 March 2019

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Taarof Culture

The Art of Taarof in Persia. When you travel to Iran, if you give someone a tip, they probably will not accept it right away! And they will say no thank you! If you want to give someone a gift, they will most probably not accept it; And they will answer back, no thank you! Even if you want to start eating food, you should do a Taarof, in order to be polite in a Persian family feast or party.

Taarof Culture is based on politeness, and Persian culture is a very moralistic and polite one. Let’s say you give someone a Tip, but he/she says no thank you. This saying of no thank you from a Persian person doesn’t mean he doesn’t want your tip!

It means that he is not yet sure if deeply in your heart you are really satisfied with him that you want to give him a tip. So this is why you should at least tell him to accept your tip three times, in order for him to be sure that you are satisfied with him.

Even for many cases the men are so shy that you should with HEAVY PRESSURE put your tip into their pocket! And then they say thank you very much in return with a big smile. J

There’s a Persian proverb that says: Taarof sometimes comes, and sometimes it doesn’t come. Which means someone may not accept your offer easily and someone may suddenly accept your offer right away! So you may also find some people who accept your offer right away, but it happens rarely.

So When to do a Taarof and when not to do it? This is why it is called the ART of Taarof. Meaning you should learn where it is good to accept a Taarof and when not. But making a Taarof at any time and any place is OK, and no problem at all.

For your travel to iran, what you should learn about Taarof is just offer the people who you want to give them a tip, more than three times so they will accept your tip.

If they didn’t accept then you should put the tip with pressure in their pocket, and they will return your favor with a big thank you and smile. Also never accept anything right away, let them ask you at least three times and work on you, then accept it.

So travel Iran and enjoy the sweet culture of the oldest Civilization in the world (at least 7000 years old civilization) and 50000 years of History.

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