Iran 24 Days Tour (Adventure-Cultural-Historical)


The Middle east part of Asia is the oldest land in the world


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Iran 24 Days Tour (Adventure-Cultural-Historical)

Day 1: Arrival in Tehran, Imam Khomeini Airport(IKEA), just after you arrive in Tehran, you will be hosted by our driver to your hotel, and after check in, you will sleep in your room.

Start a beautiful day in the Capital of  Iran. After you have your breakfast, we go to visit the Golestan palace (UNESCO site), Shah Mosque and Tehran International Museum. In Tehran international museum we will go through all of iran's dynasties. From there you will be informed by a Very big map in the museum, about every detail of your Tour and places that you will visit in Iran. In the afternoon, we visit from the three story Nature Bridge (Between the Top Ten Most Beautiful Bridges in the World!). Overnight in Tehran.

Day 2: Visit Ghasr Palace. Visit the Jewelery Museum. Visit from Carpet Museum. Visit the Splendid Gallery of Reza Abbasi. Overnight in Tehran.

Day 3: Drive to Pizza Designed city of Hamedan. Visit Tomb of Avicenna. Visit Alavian Dome. Visit Ghorban Cupola. Visit the Lion’s Memorial Monument, Built by Alexander the Great.

Day 4: Start your day in Hamedan. Visit the tomb of Esther and Mordkhai, which is the Holiest tomb for the Jews in the world. Visit the center of Pizza City. Visit the Ekbatana -one the four capitals of Persia- and Museum. Visit the Church of Hamedan.

Then drive to Ganjnameh amusement village. Visit the Ganjnameh Inscriptions and Waterfall. Overnight in Hamedan.

Day 5:  Drive to Kermanshah. Visit Anahita Temple. Visit Bisotun, a UNESCO world heritage site. Visit Taghe Bostan another UNESCO world heritage site. Visit Kermanshah bazaar of cookies. Overnight in Kermanshah.

Day 6: Drive to Ahvaz. On the way drive to the wonderful Fire Mountain. There you will visit a REAL fire mountain which even has the Crystals of Sulfur instead of stones. Here you visit from a REAL Arab Nomad and a Real Arab Tent in the middle of a desert. Also you will see the Oil wells and fire towers and oil pipelines in your Iran tour. Overnight in Ahvaz.

Day 7: Visit Susa Museum. Visit the magnificent Susa Palaces. Visit the Jewish tomb of Prophet Daniel. Visit Chogha Zanbil Temple of Zigurat Shaped. Overnight in Ahvaz.

Day 8: Drive to Kazeroon. Visit Dragon’s Tower. Visit Tang-e-Chougan Reliefs. Visit Bishapour city and another Anahita Temple. Visit a very Special 4000 years old Village as a Gift from our side to you. Visit a Persian family and you’ll have dinner with them! Overnight in Kazeroon.

Day 9: Drive to Shiraz. Visit from Dasht-e-Arzhan Promenade with many water springs and fruits and different kinds of plums. Then you drive off-road! in the plains of Dasht-e-Arzhan. From there, you will visit hundreds the old and REAL nomads which you will be amazed by it. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 10: You will start your day in Shiraz by Visiting Nasir-almok-Mosque (Pink Mosque). Then you visit Karim Khan Bathhouse, Karim Khan Citadel and Vakil Bazaar. Then you check into you Hotel. In the afternoon you visit Eram Garden, and Sa'adi Tomb and Hafiz Tomb. Don’t forget to test Faloode (Starch Noodels) with Lemon juice in shiraz, which you may like it. You overnight in Shiraz.

Day 11: Visit Persepolis and Necropolis and Naghsh-e-Rajab. In the Afternoon Visit from Quran Gate and Khajoo Tomb. There is a small Cave and some beautiful Reliefs in Khajoo Tomb. Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 12: Drive to Meymand. Visit Pasargadae complex of palaces. You will have your lunch with the nomads in a Nomad Tent. Visit from the Meymand Village. Visit from the Meymand Museum. Overnight in Meymand.

Day 13: Drive to Kerman. Visit Sirjan’s Windcatcher and Rayen Citadel. Overnight in Kerman.

Day 14: Visit from Ganja’ali Khan Bathhouse and Complex. Overnight in Kerman.

Day 15: Drive back to Kerman. Visit from Shah Ne’amatollah Vali Masoleum. Visit from Mahan Garden. Tonight, you will visit one the old Persian systems of living, and you will sleep like the Persians. Overnight in Shahdad.

Day 16: Visit from the Kalouts and Shahdad Desert. Visit from Natural Vases. Visit from Water Qanats. Visit from the Magnificent Caravanserai. Drive back to Kerman.

Day 17: Drive to Yazd. Visit from Fahraj Mosque, the oldest mosque in Iran. Visit from Fahraj old village. Overnight in Yazd.

Day 18: Start your day in Yazd. Visit from the Zoroastrian Silent Towers (In Persian Dakhmeh). Visit from the Zoroastrian Firetemple. Visit from the Jame Mosque of Yazd (UNESCO site), Having the Longest Entrance of all mosques in the world. Visit from the Persian Gym and the exotic athletic show in there (In Persian Zoorkhaneh) and Amirchakhmaq Square. Visit from Doulat Abad Garden (UNESCO site) Overnight in Yazd.

Day 19: Drive to Isfahan. Visit from Meybod’s Castle (The name of Castle is Narin Qal’e and this is similar to Na’in!). Visit from the old city of Aqda. We visit the very old and Special Jame Mosque of Na’in and the Abaa Workshop in the old city of Na’in. Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 20: Start you day in Isfahan. Visit from the Naghshe Jahan Square (Also Known as Imam or Shah Square). Naghshe Jahan Square is the Biggest Enclosed Square till Today. Visit from Isfahan Bazaar and Assar Khaneh Water Mill (The Most Beautiful Small Museum in iran). Visit from Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and Aali Qapu Palace. Visit from Chehel Sotoon (Forty Columns) Palace. Visit from Vank Cathedral. Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 21: Drive to the west of Isfahan. Visit from Swinging Minerats (Monar Jonban). Drive to the Center of Isfahan. Visit the Giant Jame Atiq Mosque and beautiful Oljaytoo Prayer Place. Visit from Si o Se Pol (Thirty Three Bridges), and Khajou Bridge. Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 22: Visit from Armenian Zone and Vank Cathedral. You can visit from Exotic and Magnificent Music Museum which they Play a Persian Concert for you and you will learn and play with all kinds of Persian Music Instruments! (Optional). Visit from Golha (Flowers) Garden. Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 23: Drive to Kashan. On the way Visit from the Old Village of Abyaneh. Making an Off Road to visit Mehr Riligion Temple at the Top of the Mountain plus a Castle (Optional). Visit from the Cultural Museum of Abyaneh. Visit from Fin Garden. Overnight in Kashan.

Day 24: Transfer to Tehran’s Airport. Before you leave Iran.

Travel Iran with our Iran tour of adventure, History and Culture.

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