Iran is The Cheapest Tourist Destination in the world

Saman Khodaparast

14 February 2019

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Iran is The Cheapest Tourist Destination in the world

Iran’s tourism industry has been identified for a third straight year to have the most affordable prices in the world for foreign visitors.

An annual report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF) gave Iran a score of 66.6 in terms of price competitiveness and put it ahead of global tourism players such as Turkey, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, Greece, Spain, Egypt, United States, France and Italy.

The last 10 countries at the bottom of the list in the same category included Australia, Denmark, Senegal, Norway, Iceland, Barbados, Britain, Peru and Switzerland.

The price competitiveness of countries in the WEF’s “Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index 2017” were measured by comparing costs relating to travel to and from a destination (travel costs including ticket prices, taxes, fuel rates, etc) and those relating to prices within the tourism destination (ground costs including hotel prices, service rates, food prices, etc).

Iran was also given a ranking of 38 in terms of cultural resources – the number of World Heritage natural sites, total known species, total protected areas and attractiveness of natural assets.

The country outperformed several European countries including the Czech Republic (42), Denmark (43), Hungary (45), Romania (46) and Norway (47) in the same category.

At the top of the list in the same group were China, Spain, France, Japan, Italy, Germany, Britain, Brazil, India and Mexico.

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Source : PressTV

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